Brad Wilkins

CTBUH Advisory Group Member Advisory Group

Individuals, Design Principal | Architecture & Urban Design | Austin, United States


Brad's experience has focused on the design of single-use and mixed-use buildings of residential, office, hotel and retail uses. Skyscraper design, especially Supertall and mixed-use skyscrapers are a specialty. He also has experience in Urban Planning & Design, Energy Efficiency & Resiliency Masterplanning, Clean Technology Implementation & Evaluation, and Transit-Oriented Design.

Brad has lived in a half dozen cities in Europe and another half dozen in Asia during the last 25 years. Living, working and playing in such diverse locals has been a core foundation of Brad's portfolio of 50+ projects in over 20 countries. And the contextual sensitivities gained by living in diverse places has refined his approach to design; an approach that places value on culture, context, and climate.

Projects for which Brad has had design responsibility have won more than 50 international design awards.

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Brad Wilkins


Expert Peer Review Committee (2024 – Present)

Annual Conference, Presenter (2020)

Awards Interior Space Jury (2019)

20 October 2018

Record Numbers Convene at 2018 Leaders Meeting

CTBUH Leaders convened on Day 1 of the 2018 Middle East Conference for updates on the year's developments and to plan for 2019.

20 October 2018

Height & Data Committee Meets at 2018 Middle East Conference

The CTBUH Height and Data Committee met to discuss several key definitions of structural types, as well as some urban-scale considerations.

22 October 2016

CTBUH-IIT Design Research Studio Student 2016 Conference Tour

Students from the 2016–2017 CTBUH-IIT design research studio attended the 2016 CTBUH International Conference and toured Shenzhen & Hong Kong.