Alexios Vandoros

Thessaloniki, Greece


Alexios Vandoros is a current partner of the Greek-based architectural firm VaCo Group | Vandoros + Partners. As a student and freelance architect, he has participated in two ambitious studies involving high-rise structures: the Thessaloniki Business Center (TBC) and the 2006 Evolo competition, which called for the design of five 450m towers in the Helliniko area of Athens. Neither project transcended their competition phase, due in large measure to current Greek building regulations that prohibit new construction above 27m.

From 2008 till 2012 he served as the Chief Editor of, the biggest architectural e-magazine in Greece. He holds there the biggest and longest online column regarding high rises.

Alexios is currently pursuing a Ph. D. degree from the Faculty of Architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His primary focus of study involves the national…

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Alexios Vandoros


Regional Representative, Greece (2009 – 2022)

CTBUH Initiatives

24 June 2010

Piraeus Tower Competition

The Piraeus Tower architectural competition focused on the re-design of an incomplete 22-story tower. Antony Wood and Tim Johnson, served on the competition jury.