Ahmet Süreyya Ural

Regional Committee Member, Turkey

URAL Engineering Inc., General Manager, Owner | Ankara, Türkiye


Ahmet Süreyya Ural Mr. URAL has graduated from Middle East Technical University department of Civil Engineering in 1986 with the graduate degree, Bilkent University department of Engineering Master of Business Administration in 1988 (MBA). He started his career in GEMAŞ General Engineering and Architecture Consulting Company Inc. in 1986, and stayed with the company until 1990. In between those years, he worked as a Design Engineer and Project Assistant Manager for the Anatolian TEM Motorway various sections and for the İzmit City By-Passing Motorway Project; NATO Military Airfield construction, upgrade and rehabilitation project’s from planning, feasibility studies, design of final and application details, and also monitored construction supervision stages. After performing his military service in 1990, he became the co-founder and manager of the URAL Engineering Company. Along with the…

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Ahmet Süreyya Ural

CTBUH Designated Expert


Regional Committee, Türkiye (2024 – Present)