Ahmad Rahimian

WSP, Chief Executive | New York City, United States


Dr. Ahmad Rahimian, PE, SE, F.ASCE is Chief Executive of WSP Cantor Seinuk, a leading structural engineering firm based in New York with offices in Los Angeles, London, Dubai, and India. The firm is part of WSP Group, a multi-disciplinary engineering company of over 9,000 staff world-wide.

As Principal-in-charge of Analysis and Design, Dr. Rahimian has been responsible for implementing innovative conceptual designs for numerous high rise residential and commercial buildings, as well as sport facilities and special structures. Dr. Rahimian has extensive experience in wind, and seismic design as well as vibration control design issues related to human comfort criteria.

Dr. Rahimian, an internationally recognized expert in tall buildings, is the recipient of numerous awards from engineering societies for various exemplary projects that he has engineered including 2007 AISC Special Achievement…

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05 March 2008


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20 April 2017


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How to Resolve the Challenges of Tall Building Foundations?

Dr. Ahmad Rahimian, WSP

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01 December 2016


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Stability of Diagrid Structures

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