One World Trade Center Continued Coverage as Decision Is Reached

November 2013

The Council on Tall Building's announced Tuesday, November 12, that it ratifies the One World Trade Center's 1,776-foot height. 

Changes to the design of the top of One World Trade Center raised questions about the ultimate height of the tower and generated a wave of international media coverage. The Durst Organization chose not to include the cladding for the structure on top of the tower, which may change the calculation of the building’s ultimate height to architectural top.

The Council has since been the center of a media firestorm surrounding its ultimate decision, which was made on November 8, 2013, by the CTBUH Height Committee, assisted by a number of other CTBUH Leaders.

Here is a sample of the national coverage:

12 November, The New York Times
By a Spire, Manhattan Regains a Title from Chicago

12 November, Associated Press [via Architectural Record]
1 World Trade Center Named As Tallest US Building

12 November, The Chicago Tribune
Tallest Building Ruling: Willis Tower Loses to One World Trade Center

12 November, Business Insider
IT'S OFFICIAL: One World Trade Center is America's Tallest Building at 1,776 Feet

12 November, ArchDaily
CTBUH Crowns One World Trade as Tallest Building in US

12 November, BD
SOM's One World Trade Center Confirmed as Tallest in the US

08 November, Associated Press [via USA Today]
Height of the 1 World Trade Center Debated in Chicago

08 November, Associated Press
New York, Chicago Claim 5 of the Tallest US Buildings

08 November, NPR
Size Does Matter, At Least in the Tallest Building Debate

08 November, New York Daily News
Chicago Contending If One World Trade Center Rises Above Second City's Willis Tower on a Technicality

08 November, CBS
Battle of the High-rises: Which Tower is America's Tallest?

08 November, NBC
Freedom Tower Spire Lights Tested for First Time

08 November, The Guardian
Willis Tower and One World Trade Center Battle for Skyscraper Supremacy

05 November, Forbes
One World Trade Center Unveils New Marketing Offices to Woo Tenants

05 November, Huffington Post Chicago
Council on Tall Buildings to Decided Whether Willis Tower or One World Trade Center is US's Loftiest

31 October, The Globe and Mail
One World Trade Center Has Its Coming Out Party