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Architect Wins Competition to Build Spiraling Tower in Koper

29 March 2018 | Koper, Slovenia

Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, working alongside Slovenian architect Sandi Pirš, have won a competition to design a structure that will soar to a total height of 111 meters. Located in Koper, Slovenia, the “Capo Grande Tower” will connect the region’s coastline to the mountainous terrain above. Slightly inclined towards the sea, the double ellipse structure intends to become a symbol for the port city.

According to Fuksas, the structure’s double ellipse form represents the two cultures — Italian and Slovenian — that coexist in Koper and along the coastline. Conceived as a “tower of peace,” the two intertwining, illuminated spirals will emit a thin beam of light hovering over the sea. In addition to the practical function of connecting the upper and lower levels, the tower will also serve as a new tourist attraction.

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After ascending the tower, a 100-meter-long glazed bridge will lead to a large platform called “Capo Grande.” This will serve as a meeting point for both residents and tourists, with a variety of bars and restaurants. The complex can also be used for various recreational activities, with slides, climbing walls, and bungee-jumping areas provided. Meanwhile, a play area for children will be found at the base of the structure.

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