CTBUH Global Future Leaders Mentoring Program

Back for its second year, the 2024 iteration of the CTBUH Mentoring Program will run from March through September and will be available to anyone in the CTBUH member network.

Not a member? Contact [email protected] to learn more and join today. 

Driven by the CTBUH Global Future Leaders Committee

The mission of the Global Future Leaders Committee is to share knowledge, experience, and skills with the next generation of leaders within the CTBUH network to help improve connections, cross-industry communication, and performance. 

The purpose of the CTBUH Mentoring Program is to connect and engage future leader members with experienced industry executives to learn and develop their professional skills, develop their career, and share insights and lessons learned along the way. This is a voluntary relationship with predetermined goals and objectives.


Who is a Mentor?

A mentor is a leading professional in the industry who serves as a positive role model and a resource for career guidance. Ideally, this is some who has 20+ years of experience in the industry and:

  • Desires to share personal experiences and stories to inspire & facilitate positive development

  • Is an empathetic and honest communicator, open to learning

  • Able to ask effective questions and be a sounding board and provide constructive feedback

  • Availability to spend time with a mentee, provide ongoing support and encouragement


Apply to be a Mentor - accepting applicants through April for the 2024 program

What our mentors say:

"Aspiring and talented individuals require dedicated guidance and support to maintain focus, motivation, and unwavering determination to succeed. In the rapidly evolving landscape of the Built Environment, continual upskilling and development are of paramount importance. These mentoring programs can play a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of leaders of the built environment who not only excel but also make a meaningful impact in finding innovative solutions and making the construction/ real estate industry better.”  - Nic Di Santo, Turner & Townsend alinea (Mentor, 2023)

"Mentoring is a strange process as there are no rules. The intent is to gently push the mentee in a direction that provides unknown information and opens doors to further information, that can be used in their daily tasks. There is no better satisfaction than seeing a mentee open up and smile when they say ‘okay I get it now’." - Peter Simmonds, PhD, Fellow Life Member ASHRAE, FIBSA (Mentor, 2023)


Who is a Mentee?

A mentee is an emerging professional in the industry with high motivation to learn from experience and develop relationships with other professionals. Ideally, this is a young professional in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry for less than 10 years who can:

  • Ask effective questions and be able to explain what kind of support you need, in order to use the mentor's time and effort effectively

  • Be open to constructive feedback

  • Take responsibility for scheduling meetings, following up, and preparing the agenda


Apply to be a Mentee - accepting applicants through April for the 2024 program

What our mentees say:

"Participating in this program has been an immense pleasure for our team. It has provided us with a unique platform to expand our knowledge, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and grow both personally and professionally. We are genuinely grateful for this opportunity and extend our heartfelt thanks to you and the entire mentoring program team. As we conclude this year's program, we eagerly anticipate the prospect of participating again next year." - Frank Geng (Mentee, 2023)

"Despite the vast difference from my daily work in steel structural research, delving into the world of net-zero tall buildings through this CTBUH mentoring program has been an enlightening experience. Not only did it broaden my understanding of sustainable architecture, but the friendly and clear manner in which my mentor explained every aspect made it an enjoyable journey of learning and growth." - Omer Anwaar (Mentee, 2023)




Guided by a Mentoring Framework

  • 6 sessions in total (1 session per month for 6 months)
  • Each session to be 45mins-1hr in duration


March: Match with your Mentee/Mentor & Prepare for your first mentoring session

MaRCH-AUGUST: Meet at minimum once per month for your mentoring sessions

September: COMPLETE A REPORT after the final session


The first session is an opportunity to ensure you are comfortable with each other and understand what is expected from the sessions. Topics can be wide ranging and varied as you are creating a relationship of trust. Confidentiality is critical.
The program will provide a worksheet to mentees to help draft and communicate the topics in advance to ensure the sessions are productive.
At the end of the first session, both mentee and mentor should determine a set of goals, using the report template as guide.It is the responsibility of the mentee to arrange each session.
To help curate intentional conversations, the program provides a meeting notes template, which we recommend the mentee use during the sessions and share with the mentor after each meeting.
Try to stick to your goals and modify as needed, providing feedback on both sides. 


Use the report template provided during the program to share the outcomes of your mentorship. While the 2024 program officially ends in September, for various reasons you may choose to continue meeting with your mentor/mentee. Please contact [email protected] for more information on extending your mentoring relationship.