CTBUH Chapter Event

CTBUH NYC Chapter Presents: 270 Park Ave

Thursday, 21 September 2023 | Site Tour: 270 Park Ave, New York, NY 10017 / Panel Discussion: 410 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017 | New York City

Join us for an exclusive panel discussion diving deep into the architectural innovation and engineering prowess behind 270 Park Avenue. Our panel features top architects, engineers, contractors, developer, and the client project manager who tackled the myriad challenges of this project. Delve deep into the design choices, the sustainability initiatives, and the technical challenges surmounted. Mix and mingle with professionals from the architectural and engineering realms. This is the perfect venue to forge connections, exchange ideas, and discover collaboration opportunities.

As a highlight of our event, attendees will have the unique opportunity to embark on a guided tour of the 270 Park Avenue construction site. This tour is a rare chance to witness the intricate processes and advanced technologies being implemented.

Limited slots are available for the tour! RSVP today to reserve your seat at this unmissable event.

Event Details

Site Tour of 270 Park Avenue

Meeting point for guests is at 410 Madison.

       5:30pm - 6:30pm  ticket for Site Tour + Panel Discussion required

Panel Discussion

410 Madison Ave, New York (across the street from 270 Park Ave)

       5:30pm-7:00pm - Networking Reception

       7:00pm-8:10pm - Panel

       8:10pm-8:30pm - Q&A

       8:30pm-9:00pm - Open Networking


270 Park avenue

JPMorgan Chase is ushering in the future of corporate headquarters with its latest endeavor: a groundbreaking skyscraper that redefines the boundaries of sustainability, health, and architectural brilliance. Towering at a majestic 1,388 feet across 60 floors, this state-of-the-art building stands out as Manhattan’s first all-electric edifice aiming for net zero operational emissions. Going beyond traditional designs, the building emphasizes indoor air quality, striving to surpass the loftiest benchmarks in sustainability, wellness, and health.

The company's commitment to green practices shines through its adherence to the stringent criteria of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ("LEED") Platinum v4. Demonstrating this dedication during the demolition phase, an impressive 97% of the materials from the erstwhile building were recycled, reused, or upcycled, outstripping the LEED Platinum mandate by a whopping 20%. Embodying innovation, the building design incorporates low carbon materials, envisions end-of-life circularity, and places a significant premium on waste reduction.

From an engineering standpoint, the sustainability features of 270 Park Avenue are groundbreaking. The structure is designed to be all-electric, a rarity for skyscrapers of its magnitude, and is powered entirely by hydro sources. Additionally, the state-of-the-art super-energy-efficient glass promises superior insulation, optimizing internal temperature regulation, and reducing energy consumption. Beyond that, the reutilization of 97 percent of demolition waste underscores an industry-leading commitment to green construction practices.


Number of attendees: 40