Academic Event

2023 Fazlur R. Khan Distinguished Lecture Series

Monday, 04 December 2023 | Whitaker Lab 303, Lehigh University, 5 E. Packer Avenue, Bethlehem, PA | Bethlehem

Elevating the Performance of the Built Environment through Cyberphysical Systems


As part of the Fazlur R. Khan Distingushed Lecture series for 2023, Dr. Jerome P. Lynch will give a presentation on "Elevating the Performance of the Built Environment through Cyberphysical Systems."  The increasing number of sensing and information technologies being integrated into our built environment is a driving force of smart cities. Fundamentally, smart city solutions are part of the broader family of cyber-physical systems (CPS) that embed cloud-enabled sensors and actuators in physical systems with cloud-based data analytics used to enhance system performance. The introduction of CPS architectures into the infrastructure domain offers a historic opportunity for the civil engineering profession to serve as the technological leaders of smart cities.

This presentation gives a review of experiences in the design and deployment of CPS architectures into real-world operational infrastructure systems. First, a CPS framework for the asset management of bridges in a highway corridor will be introduced. Computer vision for traffic tracking is combined with bridge monitoring systems to quantitatively assess structural health and performance by linking measurement of traffic loads and bridge responses. Second, extensions of the CPS framework illustrated on bridges are explored to assess the use and benefits of social infrastructure in cities such as parks and public spaces. The talk concludes with an outlook for the future opportunities for the impact of CPS in other smart city applications.

The lecture will also be live streamed, registration required. 

1 PDH will be awarded to eligible attendees for each lecture.