Setting the Standard: Ilkay Can-Standard Named Chair of CTBUH NY Chapter

Taking on the role of Chair for the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) New York Chapter, Ilkay Can-Standard brings nearly two decades of experience in architecture, construction and technology, revolutionizing build processes. With international assignments across multiple countries, Ilkay has identified recurring challenges in various project stages, inspiring her mission to minimize redundancy within the AEC industry.


Innovation Inspired by Other Industries

Ilkay Can-Standard's vision for CTBUH reflects her recognition of industry limitations and draws inspiration from successful sectors like aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and workflows from these sectors into the AEC industry, she aims to bring a transformative approach to design and construction processes.


Nurturing the Next Generation

In addition to her role as Chair, Ilkay has been serving as an adjunct Professor at NYU for the past three years. Beyond her professional responsibilities, she has become a driving force in contributing to academic institutions and nurturing the next generation of leaders. Ilkay actively engages with academia, providing invaluable industry feedback. Her commitment extends to implementing cutting-edge research and solutions on job sites, allowing her to enhance her understanding of challenges and solutions while fortifying her capabilities.


Extensive Involvement in Professional Organizations

Ilkay's tenure within CTBUH is a testament to her unwavering commitment. In her current role as Chair of CTBUH NY and Chair of the Smart City Assembly for CTBUH Global, she continues to push boundaries. Her past roles, including Board of Advisory, Co-Chair of the Future Leaders Committee (FLC) at the global level, and Co-Founder & Co-Chair of FLC CTBUH NY, showcase her dedication to nurturing emerging leaders.

Since 2014, she has actively organized and led events, ranging from intimate gatherings to large-scale conferences hosting 50-70 events and lectures in NY. Her responsibilities have extended to arranging expert speaker panels and presentations with esteemed AEC professionals, both in New York and on a global scale. She has also directed 10-20 person sub-committees for educational programming, liaising with Board Advisors, overseeing budgeting, and chairing Board meetings. Additionally, since 2016, she has served as a Judge on the High Rise Building Student Competition, emphasizing her dedication to fostering innovation and talent in the next generation.

Ilkay's impact is not confined to the local sphere; her role as Co-Chair of CTBUH Global's Future Leaders Committee from 2018 to 2021 highlights her commitment to fostering connections between AEC professionals and established leaders, offering mentorship, and creating collaboration opportunities.

"I feel a profound sense of honor and privilege as I take on the role of CTBUH NY Board Chair, collaborating with an esteemed group of professionals—fellow trustees, dedicated staff, members, and global partners—all of whom bring industry-leading experience and expertise," says Ilkay. "We find ourselves at a pivotal moment, not only for our organization but also for the future of built environments worldwide. CTBUH holds a crucial position in driving public discourse and disseminating best practices in sustainable vertical urbanism. In the face of continually shifting challenges and opportunities in our cities, my commitment is unwavering to guide CTBUH towards becoming an activist organization, offering science-based solutions that can bring about a positive impact in the world."

As she takes on the mantle of leadership at the CTBUH New York Chapter, Ilkay's rich experience and visionary approach position her as a catalyst for positive change within the organization and the broader AEC community.



About the CTBUH NY Chapter

The CTBUH New York Chapter disseminates best practice information on tall buildings and sustainable urban environments, to facilitate exchange amongst the international tall buildings and built environment community, and makes the latest knowledge available to professionals in a useful form. This is achieved by conducting periodic seminars and symposiums, to cooperate with local organizations, businesses, governmental agencies, and academic programs in allied fields, and to promote the public understanding of sustainable vertical urbanism. The CTBUH New York Chapter also supports charitable, educational, and scientific purposes and facilitates mentorship for its Young Professional Committee.