CTBUH Poised for Growth: New Volunteer Opportunities and Leadership Changes

After years of continued growth and success, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) is at an inflection point. With the world’s attention turned toward the future of cities and urban development, we have a significant opportunity to strive for greater organizational impact and growth. Thus, the CTBUH Board of Trustees, in concert with CTBUH CEO Dr. Antony Wood, would like to tell you about a pivotal new model for the organization that is more member-driven and offers greater opportunities for a broader range of members to make a meaningful difference in the Council’s activities.

CTBUH’s greatest strength is the interdisciplinary cross-section of members it attracts from a wide array of sectors across the world—unlike any other organization in this space. And thus, this structure will allow for cross-functional collaboration, idea exchange, and rich dialog to help advance creating vertical development that supports healthy cities

New Member Leadership Opportunities at CTBUH

As a CTBUH member, you have a myriad of ways to get involved, from volunteering on your local CTBUH Chapter or Region, becoming a regional representative, presenting at a conference or regional event, or publishing your writings. In addition to these opportunities, we are pleased to offer you an extensive new lineup of CTBUH leadership volunteer positions that will help you shape the future of the Council, and give you engagement opportunities in the industry that are most valuable to you and your organization, including:

  • Become a key member of the Board of Trustees, a group of exceptional senior leaders who are responsible for creating the long-term vision and strategy for the Council and its members. We have several open seats available for seasoned industry leaders who want to help shape the future direction of CTBUH. Find out more about the Board of Trustees.

    * To see 12 Assemblies, view full CTBUH Leadership Structure.

  • Join CTBUH’s Advisory Group, which will provide guidance to the Board of Trustees on strategic CTBUH issues, help grow the Council, and oversee the work of CTBUH’s newly formed assemblies and committees. Discover more about the Advisory Group.

* To see 12 Assemblies, view full CTBUH Leadership Structure.

  • Find out more about our 12 topic-driven assemblies, under which sit a multitude of committees, which encourage knowledge sharing on topics like architecture, sustainability, construction, development and engineering. Discover which Assembly or Committee is right for you.

See the full Leadership Structure Map including the Board of Trustees, Advisory Group, and Topical Assemblies. 

We look forward to your active and robust engagement with these roles in this next chapter for CTBUH. Applications for trustees will remain open through 31 August 2021, with Advisory Group applications remaining open through 15 September 2021.

Expansion of CTBUH Executive Leadership 

Another transformative change coming to CTBUH involves the evolving role for our current CEO, Dr. Antony Wood. Since 2006, CTBUH has experienced major growth under the leadership of Dr. Wood, an internationally recognized expert in the sustainable design of tall buildings, who also holds several academic posts. Given this, and the Council’s desire to recommit to driving new thought leadership and research for future cities, the Council has asked Dr. Antony Wood to assume the role of President and oversee this endeavor. Dr. Wood has a strong academic background to lead research, academic affairs and thought leadership, as well as serve as a global ambassador and a public face for CTBUH. As part of this transition, he will assist in the recruitment of a new CEO as part of the larger organization. If you would like to nominate someone for this role, please email [email protected].

CTBUH Poised for Growth

The Board of Trustees and senior leadership at CTBUH are excited about the next phase of growth. With these significant strategic changes—in volunteer leadership opportunities, and our increased focus and investment in research and thought-leadership—CTBUH will continue to grow its leadership position in tall and urban issues and solutions. We encourage you to consider how you and your organization can participate in one or more of these new volunteer roles. 

Thank you for your continuing support of our nonprofit mission.

Steve Watts, Chairman
[email protected]

Antony Wood, Chief Executive Officer

[email protected]