CTBUH Convenes Virtually with New Members in its Advisory Group

August 2022

In August 2022, the new CTBUH Advisory Group convened virtually for the first time. The meeting opened with a warm welcome from CEO Javier Quintana de Uña, who reviewed the timeline and process of forming the Advisory Group, with emphasis on the new structure of CTBUH leadership and the responsibilities moving forward. The discussion with members highlighted the various areas of activity involving the Advisory Group, including regional representation, core committees, technical assemblies, and new initiatives that were proposed for immediate action in 2023. The meeting closed with the presentation of a roadmap for the upcoming CTBUH International Conference in November, including the accreditation workshops, and leaders meeting.
The formation of this expanded Advisory Group is the culmination of efforts during the summer and fall of 2021, in which CTBUH initiated a campaign to broaden Council leadership and increase opportunities for member engagement. This was in an effort to realize greater organizational impact and growth through member-driven initiatives. Members were given the opportunity to volunteer for roles on new assemblies and committees, and in early 2022 those groups finally began to take shape.
The Advisory Group consists of a representative body of assembly and committee chairs, along with leadership from CTBUH’s regional and chapter networks. The Advisory Group oversees and encourages robust member engagement from those groups and liaises with the Board of Trustees to determine strategic priorities of the Council.
The work of the Advisory Group will continue virtually in September and they will prepare for the first in-person meeting at the 2022 Tall Excellence International Conference in Chicago in November. 

2022 Advisory Group