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17 November 2020

Attaining Urban Wellness Through Paradigmatic Shifts

The 2020 pandemic brought global health into the spotlight, however despite the consensus on the importance of health, there are few well-defined new paths to achieving this goal....

17 November 2020

Seeking a Resilient Dimension - Augmenting Our Sense of Community

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a phenomenon of social distancing, heightening our consciousness of interaction spaces between individuals and groups, while challenging conventio...

17 November 2020

The Pandemic-Resilient Office Tower

Our world has entered a new era of pandemic and epidemic risk. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of outbreaks had been increasing. Now, with Covid-19, we are experiencing...

17 November 2020

The Cross-Contaminant Risk of Different Make-Up Air Options in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

People living in tall buildings share air with lots of other people in those residential spaces. We have seen outbreaks of disease in tall buildings in the past (e.g. SARS in Hong...

17 November 2020

Autonomous Buildings: Creating Sustainable and Resilient Cities

The places we enjoy the most are the ones that make us feel a positive emotional response. It could be a local neighborhood with familiar cafes and restaurants or exploring the unf...

17 November 2020

Hybrid Wind Tunnel and CFD Study for a Complex Wind Analysis

Lightweight hanging artworks and light fittings are often included in colonnades or atriums to add aesthetic features and prestige to buildings. Complex wind flows in these regions...