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13 October 2021

CTBUH Philadelphia presents: Living Off the Land

The Philadelphia Chapter of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat together with the Weitzman School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania assembled a panel of thoug...

22 September 2021

Community, Sustainability & the Skyscraper: Can They Co-Exist?

As part of the Break the Box lecture series, CTBUH CEO Antony Wood presented on "Community, Sustainability & the Skyscraper: Can They Co-Exist?," examining the role of the skyscrap...

23 August 2021

What are the Unique Opportunities and Challenges in Designing High-Density in Europe?

Awash with historical landmarks, heritage façades, and their related height-restrictions, building skyscrapers in European cities has always required a nuanced approach, one which...

28 May 2021

Tall Building Carbon & Life Cycle, Renovation, Demolition and Recycling: When, Why and How?

The changing climate is—or should be—at the forefront of every development, creating a slew of opportunities to reevaluate areas in which the resource-heavy tall building can poten...

27 May 2021

CTBUH Chicago + NYC FLC Presents The Jewel Changi Airport Presentation by Buro Happold

CTBUH Presents Jewel Changi Airport

The new mixed-use complex at Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore delivers an exceptional experience for the 85 million passengers that pass through it every year. Occupying a site of...

27 May 2021

Do Atriums, Skygardens, Skybridges and Other Communal Elements in Tall Buildings Bring a Return?

As the world’s population increasingly occupies cities, the optimization of at-height spaces and connections pushes the urban realm into the third dimension, providing the possibil...