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17 November 2020

Bioclimatic Design for the Post-Crisis City

With high-rise buildings reaching for the skies and urban environments becoming ever denser, it has become essential that as designers we create comfortable urban spaces for reside...

17 November 2020

Optimizing HVAC System Configurations and Air Distribution Methods in Post-Pandemic High-Rise Offices

The coronavirus pandemic has forever changed the way buildings are designed and the how they operate. There was already a trend towards improved health and wellness in commercial o...

17 November 2020

Living in a Highrise Future: New Ideas. New Questions. New Answers.

The world and our cities are experiencing change at a greater speed than ever seen before. This presentation attempts to address how we live in skyscrapers in a changing world. It...

17 November 2020

The Evolution of Construction

This presentation explores the development of Hickory Building Systems (HBS), an advanced construction platform for high-rise construction, which has pursued moving the industry fr...

17 November 2020

A Post-COVID-19 Vision for Singapore: Transforming the Built Environment

Beginning with a brief overview of the history of the built environment in Singapore, the Construction Industry Transformation Map that was formulated in 2017 will be shared, detai...

17 November 2020

Tall Timber Buildings: Sustainability & Performance in a Post-Pandemic World

In their role as shapers of the built environment, developers and design teams often have the opportunity—some would say responsibility—to address societal issues through their wor...