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17 November 2020

Safe and Smooth People Flow When Re-Opening Tall Office Buildings

The global pandemic has transformed the way we work and do business: working from home, remote meetings, physical distancing, and restrictions on how people move around mean that o...

17 November 2020

The Post-Crisis Tall Building

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive and sudden rethink of how tall office buildings should operate. This presentation proposes a “generic” 200-meter office building, located...

17 November 2020

Workplace Wellness Through a Human-Centric Ecosystem of Space and Programming

Over the years, there has been a growing trend and focus on health and wellness. With the global pandemic and blurring of work and home life due to remote working, emphasis on huma...

17 November 2020

Attaining Urban Wellness Through Paradigmatic Shifts

The 2020 pandemic brought global health into the spotlight, however despite the consensus on the importance of health, there are few well-defined new paths to achieving this goal....

17 November 2020

Seeking a Resilient Dimension - Augmenting Our Sense of Community

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a phenomenon of social distancing, heightening our consciousness of interaction spaces between individuals and groups, while challenging conventio...

17 November 2020

The Pandemic-Resilient Office Tower

Our world has entered a new era of pandemic and epidemic risk. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of outbreaks had been increasing. Now, with Covid-19, we are experiencing...