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17 November 2020

Building on Past; Looking to the Future

The Copenhagen-based studio 3XN creates architecture rooted in Scandinavian traditions and humanistic values that is based on the philosophy that “architecture shapes behavior." Ad...

17 November 2020

Post-Pandemic Connectivity: Reinventing Tall Buildings to Create Community

Cities exist fundamentally for connectivity and exchange. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to see cities and tall buildings through different lenses. Now more than ever...

17 November 2020

All for One? We Prefer…(Part 1 of 2)

Creating sustainable vertical urbanism and executing an effective crisis response demands preparedness, ingenuity, the strategic allocation of resources, swift implementation, and...

17 November 2020

Friend or Foe: Wind in the Post-COVID-19 Urban Environment

In the COVID-19 world many people are reluctant to spend time in indoor spaces with people not in their family or social circles, whether this be in work or recreational environmen...

17 November 2020

Rethinking Vertical Transportation in the Post-Pandemic Office Building

The COVID-19 pandemic has created differing opinions and theories regarding the future of vertical transportation within tall buildings. A complicating factor is the requirement to...

17 November 2020

Safe, Sustainable, and Socially-Conscious: A Case Study on Post-Crisis Mixed-Use Towers

The pandemic has demonstrated that life as we know it can change overnight. The world has survived and emerged stronger from a number of catastrophes and setbacks in the past, howe...