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23 May 2022

EDGE Suedkruez, Berlin: Steel Vierendeel Truss Supports Concrete & Timber Construction

In order to realize a cantilevered structure from the second story upwards, a steel Vierendeel truss was incorporated alongside other steel-timber elements to ensure against progre...

23 May 2022

Opalia, Paris: Using Steel to Rigidify the Façade & Optimize HVAC Penetrations

This eight-story office building uses steel, alongside timber, to optimize façade rigidity and help resolve HVAC/structure collisions, as well as provide a platform for integrated...

23 May 2022

Santander Bank, London: Raising Head Heights and Lowering Embodied Carbon

A system of steel columns and beams with shear studs, overlaid with CLT routed with grooves for composite action and a concrete topping slab cast into the CLT, comprises a 15-by-9-...

23 May 2022

Well House, Amsterdam: Steel Beams & CLT Floors

To maintain to a floor-to-ceiling height of 2.9 meters that was adaptable to future demands for heating/cooling or smart grids, steel beams and CLT floors are both placed continuou...

23 May 2022

Three London Projects: Reducing Carbon Footprint Via Smaller, Lighter Structural Grids

Retrofit/Refurbishment – Grand Union House: a three-story steel-timber hybrid framed extension on top of a traditional concrete structure; Riverside New Build: a 12-story steel-tim...

23 May 2022

Design Considerations - Beam-Column Connections & Steel Buckling-Restrained Braced Frames

A mass timber-hybrid seismic braced frame system is being developed, using a diagonal steel buckling-restrained brace (BRB) with timber beams and column frame members. Six timber b...