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12 January 2021

CTBUH Turkey Virtual Panel Series: Earthquakes and Buildings #1 (Turkish)

An earthquake of a magnitude 6.9 hit Izmir, the third most populous city in Turkey, on 30 October 2020. Despite the epicenter being 70km away from downtown, more than a dozen build...

31 December 2020

Brian Brashaw: Mass Timber and Sustainable Forestry: The Government Perspective

CTBUH Editor-in-Chief Daniel Safarik interviewed Brian Brashaw, Program Manager, Forest Products Marketing Unit & Wood Innovations, USDA Forest Service. This episode focuses on the...

31 December 2020

Kathryn Fernholz: What’s Sustainable About Cutting Down Trees?

Sustainable forestry is key to the success of the mass timber construction industry. The fact that responsible and selective timber harvesting can actually help preserve forests an...

31 December 2020

Jørgen Tycho: Building Up the Mass Timber Supply Chain

In this episode, Jørgen Tycho, Founding Partner, Oslotre, talked to CTBUH Editor-in-Chief Daniel Safarik about how the relatively young mass timber supply chain can be improved, im...

31 December 2020

Ara Erickson: The Timber Industry, Forest Management, and Building Tall

CTBUH Editor-in-Chief Daniel Safarik interviewed Ara Erickson, Director, Corporate Sustainability, Weyerhaeuser, about the timber industry’s role in sustainable forest management a...

16 December 2020

CTBUH Chicago Future Leaders Committee Webinar: Wolf Point East Case Study

On Wednesday 16 December 2020, the CTBUH Chicago Future Leaders Committee held a virtual presentation Wolf Point East project in Chicago. The project was expertly presented by CTBU...