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23 May 2022

843 North Spring Street, LA : CLT, Wide-Flange Steel, & Special Concentric Braced Frames

This five-story, 11,334 square-meter office and retail project employs a robust hybrid steel and timber structural system that combines 9.1-by-3-meter, five-ply CLT floor panels wi...

23 May 2022

Two Public Buildings, California: Using Steel & Timber To Achieve Weight Savings

The lightweight benefits of steel timber-hybrids are explored in this presentation through two projects; Billie Jean King Library, Long Beach, reuses existing foundations on-site t...

23 May 2022

Cast Steel Connections in Steel Timber Hybrid Construction

Case studies: Vancouver International Airport: custom and standardized cast connectors for timber columns; University of Victoria: custom castings mate timber columns with steel ca...

23 May 2022

Three Projects, Three Levels Of Steel-Timber Hybrid Complexity

Case studies include Bullitt Center, Seattle, using steel BRB diagonal frames; Skylight, Portland, using GLT post-and-beam construction with steel tensioners and secondary frame; a...

23 May 2022

Steel-Timber Hybrid Floor Vibrations In Life Science Laboratory Buildings

Floor vibration performance of steel-timber hybrid floors is examined with particular focus on the requirements for laboratory equipment and other sensitive lab/office environments...

23 May 2022

6 Orsman Road, London, UK: Zero-Waste, Demountable Construction

Zero-waste construction is achieved on this six-story project through prefabrication of a steel post-and-beam system, with CLT floors and partitions, creating a building that can u...