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23 May 2022

A Global Overview of Steel-Timber Hybrid High-Rise Buildings

A growing number of mass-timber high-rise projects around the world use steel in a significant structural capacity. An overview is provided to set the stage for the discussion.

23 May 2022

Lessons Learned from USA Steel Timber Projects

An overview of a dozen steel-timber hybrid projects completed in the USA, presenting some of the driving factors that led to adopting the configuration, including Penn State Colleg...

23 May 2022

Bringing Sustainable Steel To Your Next Hybrid Structure

This presentation provides guidance on selecting production techniques, recycled content levels, strengths and framing types, and describes a modular steel form system that works w...

23 May 2022

Comparing Carbon Footprints of Steel & Timber Systems Equitably

A project between MKA and Nucor sought to determine: How do steel and timber systems compare when their quantities and carbon footprints are both measured? What are the variabiliti...

23 May 2022

Using a Perforated Hollow Steel Beam to Build Up Timber Hybrid Fire-Rated Slim Floors

Life-cycle analyses have shown that glulam mass-timber beams can be less sustainable than a hybrid flat-slab system in high-rise applications. The presentation discusses an optimiz...

23 May 2022

Steel and Mass Timber Hybrid Structures : The Opportunities in Tall Buildings

The European supply chain is pioneering alternative build systems utilizing mass timber across all building typologies and associated applications, from simple ‘beam and column fra...