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24 May 2022

Marmormolen, Copenhagen: ‘Paving’ A ‘Services Highway’ Using Steel Beams

An eight-story multi-tenant office development consolidates its electrical and mechanical distribution systems in a “services highway,” a centralized 6-meter-wide bay. Steel beams,...

24 May 2022

Sara Cultural Center, Skellefteå, Sweden: Steel Box Trusses & Tension Rods Allow Long Spans and A Timber Core

This 73-meter mixed-use building uses no concrete in its load-bearing structure. Instead, lateral loads and long spans are taken up by a large steel box truss and tension rods embe...

24 May 2022

De Karel Doorman, Rotterdam: An Ultra-Lightweight Vertical Extension Using Steel Beams & Stud Walls

This project adds 16 residential floors on top of an existing 1951 department store. The system is a combination of steel columns and beams, metal stud walls, and timber floors and...

24 May 2022

Lumber Tower, Kristiansand & Valle Wood Office Towers: Using Steel Connections To Enable Complex Geometries

Two key projects are presented, in which steel-timber hybrid solutions allow for optimization of structural performance and material efficiency. Using hybrid joints can deal effici...

24 May 2022

Lighthouse, Joensuu, Finland: Thread Bars in a Discontinuous Post-Tension System

Current practice is to use concrete decks as floor systems when evaluating the performance of steel frames. This presentation proposes an alternative system, supported by a USDA Wo...

24 May 2022

Stockholm Central Station: A Steel-Timber Transit-Oriented Development

A unique response to solving a complex master planning and over decking project, steel and timber are used in a hybrid fashion to provide ultimate flexibility of different building...