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22 September 2021

Community, Sustainability & the Skyscraper: Can They Co-Exist?

As part of the Break the Box lecture series, CTBUH CEO Antony Wood presented on "Community, Sustainability & the Skyscraper: Can They Co-Exist?," examining the role of the skyscrap...

23 August 2021

What are the Unique Opportunities and Challenges in Designing High-Density in Europe?

Awash with historical landmarks, heritage façades, and their related height-restrictions, building skyscrapers in European cities has always required a nuanced approach, one which...

28 May 2021

Tall Building Carbon & Life Cycle, Renovation, Demolition and Recycling: When, Why and How?

The changing climate is—or should be—at the forefront of every development, creating a slew of opportunities to reevaluate areas in which the resource-heavy tall building can poten...

27 May 2021

CTBUH Chicago + NYC FLC Presents The Jewel Changi Airport Presentation by Buro Happold

CTBUH Presents Jewel Changi Airport

The new mixed-use complex at Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore delivers an exceptional experience for the 85 million passengers that pass through it every year. Occupying a site of...

27 May 2021

Do Atriums, Skygardens, Skybridges and Other Communal Elements in Tall Buildings Bring a Return?

As the world’s population increasingly occupies cities, the optimization of at-height spaces and connections pushes the urban realm into the third dimension, providing the possibil...

27 May 2021

S14 - The Future of Tall: Robotics, Smart Technologies, Modular, and other Advances

The construction industry is routinely identified as one of the slowest to adopt technological advances. And yet, the need to rapidly construct new buildings for a growing urban po...