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24 May 2022

The AISC Design Guide To Hybrid Steel Frames With Wood Floors

Arup has collaborated with the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) to develop an upcoming Design Guide to support the use of hybrid steel frames with mass timber floors...

24 May 2022

Hybrid Timber Tower, Toronto: Achieving 105 Stories & Long Spans Via Steel Cables and Cages

The Hybrid Timber Floor System (HTFS) designed for this project uses post-tensioning cables and steel cages encased in a concrete band and recessed into a mass timber panel, allowi...

24 May 2022

BCIT Student Residence, Burnaby, Canada: Large Format Point-Supported CLT Optimization

This 12-story building (74.7 meters) uses 3.5-by-14-meter-long five-ply large-format CLT panels and point-supported (PS) CLT on slender steel columns embedded within partition wall...

24 May 2022

M5, Vancouver and Terraine, San Jose: Lessons Learned From Conception To Construction

Two residential structures, 18 and 20 stories respectively, in the seismically-active North American West Coast use steel columns in partitions for the gravity system and steel bea...

24 May 2022

Tallwood 1, Langford, BC, Canada - Eccentrically Braced Steel Frame Provides Lateral Support

At a 12-story residential building, an eccentrically braced steel frame provides lateral support to the “flat-plate” CLT floorplates. The resilient lateral force-resisting system i...

24 May 2022

Increasing Urban Density with Steel & Timber: XRAD and SPIDER Systems

Two pioneering new concepts for the future of tall buildings and vertical extensions: The SPIDER connector allows a Texas project to remove supporting beams on a large column grid;...