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24 February 2021

Mass Timber Construction Podcast with Special Guest, Antony Wood

Paul Kremer talks to Antony about the way tall timber buildings are transforming the urban habitat, and how a very large research project is encouraging the uptake of mass timber c...

18 February 2021

CTBUH Chicago FLC Presents: Al Wasl Plaza

The Al Wasl Plaza and Trellis are the centerpiece of Expo 2020 Dubai, combining breathtaking design, innovative technology, and an intricate domed trellis incorporating the world’s...

16 February 2021

Building Tall and Going Deep: What It Takes to Support Tall Buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area

Have you ever looked into the sky and wondered, “What does it take to support a tall building?” Perhaps you may have even grown more curious if you are in a dense metropolitan area...

4 February 2021

Is Suburban High-Rise Development in the USA Good Enough? Oak Park, Illinois

Stephen Morales, a candidate for Oak Park's Village Board this coming April, leads two prominent Oak Parkers in a discussion on the current state of US suburban building developmen...

22 January 2021

Highlights - CTBUH China New Year Talk: Future City

Organized around the theme of the "future city," CTBUH held new year talk and Chinese book release in One Museum Place, Shanghai. The CTBUH China Board and several industry guests...

14 January 2021

CTBUH Turkey Virtual Panel Series: Earthquakes and Buildings #3 (Turkish)

An earthquake of a magnitude 6.9 hit Izmir, the third most populous city in Turkey, on 30 October 2020. Despite the epicenter being 70km away from downtown, more than a dozen build...