Research Trip to British Columbia, Canada and Portland, OR, USA

April 2022

Four members of the research team visited the cities of Vancouver and Victoria in Canada and Portland, Oregon in the USA to conduct in-person visits to several mass timber high-rise projects, and interviews with key stakeholders related to the project case studies.



Project Sites Visited:

Tallwood 1, Langford (Victoria), BC, Canada – 12-story residential under construction



Offices/facilities visited + related projects discussed:


Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers, Vancouver

843 N. Spring St., Los Angeles

M5, Vancouver

Terraine, San Jose


Fast+Epp, Vancouver

Limberlost Place, Toronto

BCIT Student Residence, Burnaby

LEVER Architecture, Portland

843 N. Spring St., Los Angeles

Timberlab, Portland

Heartwood, Seattle



Select photos from visits to numerous project sites, offices, and fabrication facilities.

Tallwood 1

Langford, BC

CTBUH had the opportunity to tour Tallwood 1, a Steel-Timber hybrid building 

under construction at the time of the visit. Andrew Chad, a Principal at Aspect

 Engineering, discussed the decisions behind the use of the glulam frame, CLT

 floor and the steel brace frame.  



Fast+Epp Office

Vancouver, BC

The trip provided an opportunity for CTBUH to discuss some of the various case 

studies in person with stakeholders from Fast+Ep. In addition to the planned 

meetings, the team also received a tour of Fast+Epp's Concept Lab, where they

 saw a variety of mass timber fasteners, modeled details, and testing equiptment.   



Timberlab Manufacturing Facility

Portland, OR, USA

 Erica Spiritos of Timberlab toured the team and Thomas Robinson around the 

production facility where Timberlab CNC mills timber members. Shown in the image 

is a mockup of the connections used in atelierjones' Heartwood project in Seattle.