Steel-Timber Presentations, Tours and Panel Discussions, CTBUH International Conference

8-17 November 2021

A number of the steel-timber projects under consideration for case studies were profiled in various presentations and tours during the CTBUH International Conference, a series of in-person events led by regional chapters all convened around the theme “The Future City—Addressing Carbon, Climate & Societal Crises,” which gathered more than 1,500 delegates around the world across 16 cities.


Chicago, USA
"Carbon 12: Template for Tall Timber"
Ben Kaiser, Owner and Principal, Kaiser + Path

Ben Kaiser, Owner and Principal, Kaiser + Path, presents “Carbon12: Template for Tall Timber” to the Chicago edition of the CTBUH 2021 International Conference,
8 November 2021. Carbon12 uses a steel braced-frame core in hybrid action with a glued laminated timber (GLT) framing system.


Copenhagen, Denmark
"Tall Timber: Sara Kulturhus"
Monica von Schalensee, Senior Partner, White Arkitekter

Monica van Schmalansee, Senior Adviser, White Arkitekter, presents “Tall Timber: Sara Kulturhus” to the Copenhagen edition of the CTBUH 2021 International Conference,
17 November 2021. The project uses GLT wood trusses with steel tension rods and a large steel box truss to create long spans and column-free interior spaces.


Paris, France
Opalia Site Visit

Steven Ware, Architect and Partner, ArtBuild, took the Paris CTBUH Conference delegation on a site visit of Opalia, an 8-story steel-timber hybrid office building in Paris.