Taipei 101 Signboard Inauguration

August, 2011
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Taipei 101, the world’s second tallest building, has inaugurated a CTBUH Signboard recognizing the significant height achievements of the building, at its recent ceremony to celebrate its environmental upgrade works which has gained LEED-Existing Building Operation and Maintenance Platinum status.

Professor Kim & President Lin with the new CTBUH signboard
CTBUH Chairman Professor Sang Dae Kim attended the ceremony and inauguration of the signboard, which was presided over by Mr Harace Lin, president of the Taipei Financial Center Corporation. CTBUH Representative for Taiwan, Cathy Yang – also of the Taipei Financial Center Corporation – was also in attendance.

Taipei 101 is now the tallest building in the world to receive the LEED EBOM-Platinum honor, which is the highest level in the ranking system for existing buildings employed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). “The efforts made by Taipei 101 show that environmental protection will save more on costs and create earnings in the future,” said Mr. Lin.

Professor Kim commented “It is great to see CTBUH signboards being installed at many buildings throughout the world. The signboards inform the public of specific height achievements of particular buildings and promote the buildings to the world.”

Taipei 101’s signboard becomes the latest in a growing number of CTBUH signboards being installed internationally. The initiative allows building owners to display the particular accomplishments of their building with official approval of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

Taipei 101 CTBUH Signboard

Taipei 101 LEED ceremony

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