Maas Tower Height Recognition Plaque

Friday, May 28, 2010

On Friday, May 28, CTBUH Communications Manager and former Rotterdam resident Jan Klerks handed over a CTBUH height recognition plaque to Coen van Oostrom, executive director of project developer OVG, recognizing the Maas Tower (Maastoren in Dutch) in Rotterdam as the new tallest building in the Netherlands at 164.75 meters / 541.52 feet. The Maas Tower is named after the River Maas, internationally better known as the Rhine. During the opening ceremony, the plaque was passed on to the CEO’s of the main tenants, being Deloitte and AKD Prinsen van Wijmen. The plaque is to be displayed prominently in the main lobby.

Mr. Van Oostrom (left) and Mr. Klerks presenting the Maas Tower plaque. (photo: OVG Projectontwikkleing)

Design of the Maas Tower plaque

Also during the opening ceremony, a book about the design, development and construction of the Maas Tower was presented to the mayor of Rotterdam, Mr. Ahmed Aboutaleb. The book is the 8th title in a series on tall buildings in Rotterdam as produced by the Rotterdam Skyscraper Foundation, of which Mr. Klerks is the founder.

The Maas Tower is the 7th building in the Netherlands that carries the title of ‘Dutch Tallest’, a legacy which started with the 114 year old Witte Huis building, which at 42 meters / 137.80 feet is considered to be the first office skyscraper in Europe.

Next to being the tallest building in the Netherlands, the Maas Tower also has some notable sustainable features. The water of the River Maas is used for the sprinkler system and, together with underground wells, for the thermal energy generation. This means that district heating is not required and CO2 emissions for the building are virtually halved. This constitutes a major contribution to the City of Rotterdam’s ambition to be one of the world’s forty cleanest cities, as defined in the Clinton Climate Initiative of former US President Bill Clinton.

Maas Tower entrance

Presentation of Maas Tower Book

Maas Tower and River Maas

After the Shanghai World Financial Center, Taipei 101 and Trump Tower Chicago, the Maas Tower is the fourth building to receive a CTBUH plaque for its height accomplishments. We very much welcome and encourage companies to follow the examples of these buildings and cooperate with the CTBUH to install more skyscraper signboards and accept plauques throughout the globe. If interested, please contact CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood at