Submit a Paper to the CTBUH Journal

The CTBUH Journal is the pre-eminent international quarterly publication on tall buildings, and the official periodic publication of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Circulated to the Council’s worldwide membership four times each year, the Journal aims to document and publicize ground-breaking work taking place in tall building and urban development. In addition to technical papers, the Journal contains global news updates on tall building activity, reports on the activities of leaders and subcommittees, reviews of relevant publications, and information on upcoming events hosted and sponsored by the organization.


Publication in the CTBUH Journal awards the featured author with broad exposure to a multitude of industry leaders and active professionals around the world. By sharing knowledge, findings or experience, each author fosters valuable discourse amongst Council members with common interests, and in turn opens an opportunity to gather information useful to his or her published pursuits. Above all, each author contributes to the organization’s mission of elevating its members’ collective awareness of the built environment.


The Council maintains an open call for papers and case studies, and encourages members to submit proposals or drafts of papers for potential inclusion as articles in an upcoming issue of the Journal. The CTBUH Journal contains the following types of articles:


Research Papers

Journal papers concentrate on a focused topic, and are peer-reviewed by the CTBUH Expert Peer Review Committee. They run from 2,500 to 3,500 words with between 10 and 20 images, depending on necessity. You can browse through all prior research papers here. Filter by “CTBUH Journal.”


Images should be high-resolution (2000 pixels minimum in the short dimension, 300 dpi resolution), captioned and have photo/authorship credits. It is also useful to have the original vector graphic files (such as .ai, .eps, .dwg) where applicable.


We accept papers on a rolling basis, and they are assigned as appropriate to each issue given considerations of balancing the amount of material we publish in a given period from any individual, organization, geography or discipline.


Case Studies

The Case Study is a full-spectrum profile of an important tall building or group of buildings, providing an in-depth overview of the many issues and solutions related to the building’s development, design, construction and operation. The case study is the cover story of each Journal, and its authors are usually composed of representatives of more than one discipline involved in the project. Case studies typically run 2,500 to 3,500 words and 6-8 pages.


Ask a CTBUH Expert

Running about 700 words, this is a one-page article where a CTBUH member expert responds to a question prompt with a succinct explanation or point of view.


Debating Tall

A one-page article in which two people take opposing sides of an issue, based off a question prompt. Here, each person gets only about 350 words, so it needs to be especially succinct.


In order to submit to the CTBUH Journal, you must become a member by signing up here.


Your proposals, papers and inquiries can be sent to Daniel Safarik at [email protected].