Research Project

Properties of Composite Megacolumns

Project Start: April 2014
Project Completion: October 2016
Principal Investigators: Dario Trabucco, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

The “study on the constructability and the engineering properties of Composite Megacolumns” research project was made possible with $150,000 in financial support provided by ArcelorMittal. 

As tall buildings grow ever higher, it is increasingly critical to optimize structural systems in order to ensure strength and stability. Therefore, on especially tall buildings, the large dimensions required of concrete columns are becoming an inhibitor to the economic feasibility of projects, as structural elements take up increasingly significant shares of buildings’ floor plans, especially at the lower levels.

To avoid this, many supertall buildings are now being designed and constructed using composite materials, with steel and concrete acting together, using the advantages of one material to compensate the limits of the other.

Such new composite structures need to be fully tested, in order to understand their strengths and limits, and to provide the design community with the awareness, guidance and tools necessary for integrating the use of composite structures into future supertall building designs.


Funding Partner

Research Output

Composite Megacolumns: Testing Multiple, Concrete-Encased, Hot-Rolled Steel Sections

Price: $20

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About the Funding Partner

With approximately 114 million tonnes of annual production capacity and 199,000 employees across 60 countries, ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company.


With an industrial presence in 18 countries, ArcelorMittal is a leader in all major global steel markets including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging, with leading research and development and technology, sizeable captive supplies of raw materials, and outstanding distribution networks.

The company’s core philosophy is to produce safe, sustainable steel. In so doing, ArcelorMittal’s top priority is safety, and its goal is to be the world’s safest steel and mining company. As a company, ArcelorMittal is committed to its promise of ‘transforming tomorrow’. Guiding the company in this are its values of sustainability, quality and leadership.



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