Research Project

A Study on the Design Possibilities Enabled by Ropeless, Non-Vertical Elevators

Project Start: September 2016
Project Completion: September 2018
Principal Investigators: Dario Trabucco & Antony Wood, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

The CTBUH research project, “A Study on the Design Possibilities Enabled by Ropeless, Non-vertical Elevators,” has received $264,000 in funding from thyssenkrupp AG to embark on an ambitious 24-month comprehensive study. The research investigates how technological innovation in elevators, specifically ropeless non-vertical cabins, could impact the design outcomes of tall buildings and cities. The study seeks to remove the evolutionary bottleneck created by exclusively vertical elevator systems, as conventional systems to date have limited the height and influenced the shape of skyscrapers, which have historically been designed as a vertical repetition of floors.


Funding Partner

Research Output

Ropeless Elevator Systems: The Potential for Multidirectional Transportation in Tall Buildings

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Steering Committee Members

Rob Chmielowski
Senior Principal, Magnusson Klemencic Associates
stefan-gerstenmeyer Stefan Gerstenmeyer
Head of Traffic and Group Control Development | Cluster Lead, TK Elevator GmbH
markus-jetter Markus Jetter
Chief Engineer High Rise and Functional Safety, TK Elevator GmbH
Richard Peters
Managing Director, Peters Research Ltd
Tony Sharp
Associate, Individuals

About the Funding Partner

In 40 short years, we’ve become one of the world’s leading elevator companies, with unique engineering capabilities. When done well, urban mobility drives down congestion, pollution, stress and energy consumption. Our innovative, efficient and reliable passenger transportation systems are key to getting it right in cities. Whether building a new state-of-the-art system or modernizing an existing one, our products deliver crucial energy and time efficiencies.


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  • Higher transport capacity and efficiency
  • More efficient use of building floor space
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Maximum availability of existing passenger transportation solutions 



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