Zhen Jia

Otis Elevator Company, Group Leader for United Technologies Research Center (China) | Shanghai, China


Dr. Zhen Jia is currently the Group Leader at United Technologies Research Center (China). He is managing the Decision and Control Systems group. The group now has 13 team members with capabilities in the areas of video analytics, machine learning, data mining, software engineering, controls and embedded system. Dr. Jia’s daily responsibilities include staff mentoring, capabilities building, projects planning and management, external collaboration development and so on. Currently Dr. Jia is leading the UTRC research initiative project of intelligent egress for high-rise buildings, which focuses on innovative solutions that can design, simulate and evaluate different egress strategies for high-rise buildings, integrate different building systems like fire alarm system, security system and elevator systems for egress strategy implementation and then develop practical ways to distribute the…

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Expert Peer Review Committee (2015 – Present)

CTBUH Initiatives


17 October 2016

An Integrated Solution to Enable Safe Evacuation of Tall Buildings

Zhen Jia, Murilo Bonilha, Bill Li & Geeta Bora, United Technologies Corporation

Implementing real-time, efficient, and intelligent tall building egresses that ensure human safety in cases of emergencies can be extremely difficult. Most current egress strategies are...


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