Zak Kostura is a practicing structural engineer with Arup, a global multidisciplinary engineering firm, and has worked on the design of high rise buildings in Europe and the Middle East. He specializes in structures with unique geometry that involves detailed computational analysis. A graduate engineer of the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Zak has broad experience with many aspects of building design including architecture, civil and structural engineering and sustainability.

As a writer, he attempts to illustrate the inextricable link between contemporary urban design and a broader societal context. Zak is an associate editor of the CTBUH Journal, a regular publication of the Journal that explores many aspects of tall building design.


01 November 2007

Zak Kostura, ARUP

"It’s funny how abruptly industries can change." Zak Kostura writes on how Building Information Modeling changes at an unbelievable rate and the Contemplation on the...


01 August 2007

Peter Warburton & Zak Kostura, Arup

Peter Warburton and Zak Kostura of Arup investigate the roadblocks that prevent comprehensive monitoring and publication of building energy performance metrics worldwide, and regional efforts...