Liao Yun

RBS Architectural Engineering Design Associates, Deputy Chief Engineer | Guangzhou, China


Liao Yun work for Guangzhou Architectural Engineering Design Associates (RBS), As the Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of Advanced Structure Analysis Department, lead the structure design of large-span spatial structures, high-rise connected structure, and high-rise building over 300m high. He is also responsible for the elastic & plastic analysis, BIM, topology optimization of RBS.

Since 2003, LiaoYun designed several landmark buildings, such as the Zhuhai ShiZiMen international exhibition center (150m span spatial structure), Chengdu Menli Mandarin Oriental Hotel (333m high connected structure), Guangzhou Hejing W Hotel (200m high connected structure). At same time, he also served as the structure design consultant of many projects, including Guangzhou West Tower, Shenzhen Kingkey Center, Tianjin Jinta, Tianjin 117 Tower, and National University Games Stadium of Shenzhen. Now LiaoYun is…

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Annual Conference, Steering Committee (China 2016)


01 May 2010

Sam Lee & Yun Liao, Guangzhou Scientific Computing Consultants; Dasui Wang, ECADI; Neville Mathias, SOM

The Jinta Tower is a 75-story building located in Tianjin, China, with slender steel plate shear walls (SPSW) used as the primary lateral load resisting...