Yozo Shinozaki

Taisei Corporation, Principal Structural Engineer | Tokyo, Japan


In his 30 years of experiences, Yozo Shinozaki, since 1985, has worked as a structural engineer. He started working for Taisei Corporation after completing the master degree program at Tokyo Institute of Technology. During his career as engineer, he worked as an intern in LeMessurier Consultants in Cambridge. Mainly studied American new design method, a design of damping system and frame stabilities through real projects in 1993-1994. He worked as a department manager in the design of Kuala Lumpur International Airport Project, Malaysia in 1995. His extensive works have resulted in many advanced project, base-isolation buildings and innovative construction systems, including “Yoyogi-prject, Tokyo,” he received JSCA-Award, “TECOREP system,” received AIJ-Award. Currently he manages the structural design team of Taisei Corporation since 2012.


Working Group: Demolition (2014 – Present)

CTBUH Initiatives


21 September 2012

This presentation examines a ground-breaking environmental load-reducing demolition system recently developed for high-rise buildings, labeled the TECOREP system (Taisei ECOlogical REProduction system). The system works...


01 September 2016

Hideshi Aono, Osamu Hosozawa, Yozo Shinozaki & Yuichi Kimura, Taisei Corporation

Along the subduction-zone of the western Japanese islands, large earthquakes are expected occur around the middle of this century, and long-period ground motions will reach...


26 October 2015

Yusuke Noguchi, Yozo Shinozaki, Hideki Ichihara & Makoto Kayashima, Taisei Corporation

Manhattan, Chicago, and Tokyo are well known as skyscraper cities. But they have many decrepit buildings built in the early 20th century. It’s a significant...