Yong Ding

KPF, Shanghai Office Director | Shanghai, China


A Director at KPF, Yong Ding has worked on numerous projects across China since joining the firm in 2009. His project experience spans typologies, including corporate headquarters, state-of-the-art offices, mixed-use developments and high-end hospitality projects.
Yong’s architectural design experience in China is vast. Some of his mixed-use projects include Taipingqiao Corporate Avenue II and the Oriental Financial Centre, both in Shanghai and completed in 2015. He was also involved in Shanghai DreamCenter, which is an integrated cultural, lifestyle and creative office complex that includes performing arts and media spaces, theaters and world-class entertainment and retail.

Yong has also worked on several office projects. He has been involved in SOHO Gubei in Shanghai, which includes a 38-story tower with a natural and lush landscape integrated throughout the project. He also worked on the…

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Yong Ding


Young Professionals Committee, Shanghai, Co-Chair (2017 – 2018)

18 July 2019

Skybridges: Bringing the Horizontal into the Vertical Realm

Join CTBUH for a half-day symposium at one of the world’s most significant skybridge-linked projects, Beijing’s Linked Hybrid.

18 July 2019

CTBUH Holds Half-Day Skybridges Symposium

More than 100 attendees gathered at Linked Hybrid for a symposium held in conjunction with the forthcoming skybridge research project, “Bringing the Horizontal Into the Vertical Realm.”

17 November 2017

CTBUH Shanghai Young Professionals Committee Talks Competitions

CTBUH China and Shanghai Young Professionals Committee (YPC) co-hosted a symposium on “Gains and Losses in Tall Building Design Competitions.”

3 August 2017

CTBUH Shanghai YPC Holds Inaugural Meeting

The CTBUH Shanghai Young Professionals Committee (YPC) held its first board meeting at the Shanghai office of Gensler.