Yohan Kim

CTBUH, Academic Coordinator | Chicago, United States


Dr. Yohan Kim joined CTBUH as Academic Coordinator in May 2022. He is also a visiting assistant professor and assistant director of the Masters in Tall Buildings and Vertical Urbanism program in the College of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

Kim holds a Ph.D. in architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology. His research centers on high-performance building façades, natural ventilation in tall office buildings, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and analysis. His dissertation, entitled “The Feasibility of Double-Skin Façades (DSFs) to Provide Natural Ventilation in Tall Office Buildings,” investigates the impact of DSF configurations on the indoor airflow behavior in tall office buildings and the integration of computational simulation into the design process. The research aims to develop performance-based DSF design guidelines to assist…

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Yohan Kim