William Algaard

Arup, Director | London, United Kingdom


William Algaard is a Director at Arup, London. He works as a structural engineer and multidisciplinary engineering design leader in close collaboration with clients and architects to develop holistic design solutions that offer high value at competitive costs. He has a background in advanced analytical methods and employs first-principles approaches to develop innovative and efficient designs, often in seismic regions. He seeks to optimize material use and develop more sustainable building designs, often by pushing the boundaries of established convention. Algaard has worked on tall building projects in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

William Algaard

CTBUH Designated Expert


Live-Streamed Conference, Presenter (2020)

CTBUH Initiatives

30 April 2018

CTBUH UK Presents: Exporting Tall

The UK Chapter recently held "Exporting Tall," a series of presentations highlighting the challenges and opportunities of designing tall buildings in countries outside the UK.