Will Miranda

CTBUH, Research Coordinator | Chicago, United States


Will Miranda is the Skyscraper Database Analyst for the CTBUH Headquarters office in Chicago. Previously a research assistant for CTBUH Research Office at the IUAV University of Venice, Italy, he has been involved with a number of CTBUH research activities, including ""Creating Industry-Accepted Criteria for Measuring Tall Building Floor Area"" sponsored by ArcelorMittal, ""Study on the Properties of Composite Megacolumns"" sponsored by ArcelorMittal, “A Study on Tall Building Damping Technologies” sponsored by Bouygues Construction, ""Cyclone-Glazing and Façade Resilience for the Asia-Pacific Region"" sponsored by Trosifol, and ""Green Living Technologies: What is Missing in the International Standards?"" sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories.

Will joined CTBUH in May of 2013, primarily involved in the development of the CTBUH website and database, before moving to Italy in 2016 to provide…

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30 October 2017

During the CTBUH 2017 International Conference, held in Sydney, delegates who visited the CTBUH research booth were presented with an introductory video of questions being...


23 September 2020

Daniel Safarik & William Miranda, CTBUH

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive and sudden rethink of how tall office buildings, and cities as a whole, should operate. With national and...


31 January 2019

William Miranda & Dario Trabucco, CTBUH

The entire tall building industry relies on floor-area measurements to serve as a precise, unambiguous calculation to guide decisions. This can range from architects using...