Weiping Shao

BIAD, Chief Architect | Beijing, China


National Master of Engineering Design and Geotechnical Investigation, with titles including professor-level Senior Architect, First-class registered architect, professor of engineering as well as master and postdoctoral tutor. Now he is the Chief Architect of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design Co. Ltd. and the Director of Un-Forbidden office. He has been working for over 30 years in areas including massive public architecture design, research for technology system of modern architecture design and industrial management and promotion. With the principles of rigorous teaching method, innovative thinking and advanced philosophy, he has made a package of fine projects and achieved profound basic scientific research results.

Weiping Shao

CTBUH Initiatives

12 November 2020

Healthy & Sustainable City Development

This event explores how health and sustainability are vital in the process of urbanization, and explores strategies from leading urbanists about how to balance nature and well-being in dense environments.