Kam Chuen (Vincent) Tse

CTBUH Trustee

WSP, Managing Director, Building MEP, China Region | Hong Kong, China


Vincent Tse is Managing Director of Parsons Brinckerhoff, Building MEP China Region.

Over 30 years of design experience in MEP and Vertical Transportation Systems (VTS), Vincent’s major focus is in building central core optimization, floor efficiency, sustainable and green design of super tall buildings. Vincent has been partnering with many renowed architects, structural engineers, building specialists and developers in the design of various tall building throughout China/Asia. He is recognized for his expertise in MEP and VTS engineering, and is known in the industry for designing iconic and super/mega tall buildings.

Vincent has undertaken the design of over 50 buildings with soaring heights of over 250 meters; 20 of which stands over 400 meters tall. Namely:- the 632-meter Shanghai Tower and 606-meter Wuhan Greenland Centre (as Owner’s Engineer), and the 608-meter Tianjin Goldin Finance…

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Chapter Chair, Hong Kong (2017 – Present)

Working Group: MEP (2018 – Present)

Working Group: Vertical Transportation (2017 – Present)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Shanghai 2012; Shanghai 2014; China 2016; Middle East 2018)

Awards Technical Jury (2015; 2016)

China Awards Technical Jury (2016)

Annual Conference, Session Chair (New York 2015; Australia 2017; Chicago 2019)


18 September 2014

The MEP Design Challenges of a Mega Tall Building in China – the Suzhou Zhongnan Center

Design challenges from MEP perspective for the Zhongnan Center arise from the need for a safe, reliable, high tech, green, sustainable, user-friendly building. The devised...


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17 October 2016

Overcoming MEP and VT System Design Challenges in Three of the Tallest Buildings in China

Vincent Tse, Herbert Lam, Kenneth Li & Michael Sung, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff

This paper will address the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and drainage, and vertical transportation system (MEP/VTS) design challenges encountered during the design development of three unique,...


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16 September 2014

Design Challenges of the 3 Tallest Buildings in North/ East/ South China

Kam Chuen (Vincent) Tse, Lung Wai (Herbert) Lam, Sheung Lai (Eddie) Leung & Leung Wing (Daniel) Ho, Parsons Brinckerhoff

This paper describes the MEP and VTS design challenges of the tallest buildings in three major cities in China; namely, Beijing, Suzhou and Guangzhou. The...


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