Twinky Chai

Otis Elevator Company, Managing Director, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan | Hong Kong, China


Twinky Chai is a Managing Director of Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan(HMT) based in Hong Kong. She has been working in the elevator industry for over 15 years and has been apart of many iconic projects that have changed the skyline and development in the Northern California Bay Area and HMT. She joined Otis Elevator Company in 2007 in the United States as a part of a Rotational Program and has since held several functional and general management positions in the United States including New Equipment & Modernization Operations Manager in San Francisco, General Manager of San Jose, and Regional General Manager of Northern California.

Twinky’s strength has been her continued customer focus and her relationships with developers and service customers. She enjoys the upfront collaboration when working on development projects. Because she is an active listener and spends time to understand customer…

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Twinky Chai