Trino Beltran

Paris, France


Trino Beltran is currently the R&D-Innovation Director of Bouygues Batiment International, the international division of Bouygues Construction. He spend 8 years in Hong Kong, where he was in charge of the construction methods department, involved in all the building projects such as HKCEC, Happy Valley race course redevelopment, HK Stadium, several residential towers and housing buildings.

End of year 2000, he joined the French head office and act as Design Manager on D&B and PPP projects all over the world (Equestrian Club in Jeddah, Olympic stadium in Beijing, Malls in Moscow, Budapest and Kuwait City …)

Now leader of the R&D-Innovation department, he is in charge of the deployment of BIM and related technologies, leading R&D research programs on sustainable construction materials and process and implementation of new technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality, and robotics).


Country Representative, France (2012 – 2016)

Annual Conference, Presenter (Seoul 2011; London 2013)


10 October 2011

Renovation of a first generation of high rise building with heavy structural modification, use of drilling robots for core walls modification, extension of the tower...


10 October 2011

Question & Answers session for Track Session 06.