Trevor Haskett

RWDI, Practice Area Leader, Damping Systems | Toronto, Canada


Trevor Haskett is a Principal of the firm, and an experienced technical specialist and a key leader in our Damping Systems team. He has been responsible for the design and commissioning of over 100 damping solutions globally. Trevor leads the Technical Development and implementation teams for the full range of Damping Systems technology options at our fingertips, including the Hummingbird Damping System. Trevor is known for working closely with clients and internal project teams to analyze vibrations and for conceiving and executing highly effective motion control and damping systems for structures such as bridges and tall buildings. With academic training and extensive project experience in mechanical engineering, vibration control, and structural dynamics, Trevor develops innovative approaches by bridging the gulf between mechanical and structural design paradigms.


26 February 2001

Analysis and Model Techniques for Determining Dynamic Behaviour of Civil Structures with Various Damping Systems

B. Breukelman, T. Haskett, S. Gamble, & P. Irwin, RWDI

Controlling vibrations of structures through the use of damping systems continues to increase as structures become lighter and more slender. As a result, the tools...


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