Topi Paananen

Awards Construction Jury

Peikko, CEO | Helsinki, Finland


Topi Paananen has worked in the international construction sector since 2005, visiting Peikko's teams in more than 30 countries during these times. Since 2005 the small export oriented Finnish company Peikko has became a true international player, changing the industry for the better. He is passionate about modern construction methods, and how to bring and implement them into new countries and environments.

Topi Paananen


Awards Construction Jury (Chair 2024)

30 March 2022

CTBUH Scandinavia Chapter Presents: Adaptive Reuse in the Nordics - Where the Past and Future Meet

The CTBUH Scandinavia Chapter hosts a lively and important discussion about our built environment and the continued and evolving relevance of adaptive reuse.