Tomas Stokke

Haptic Architects, Co-Founder and Director


Tomas Stokke co-founded Haptic Architects in 2009 and oversees Haptic’s international projects. Notable projects include the new Norwegian Government Headquarters, the new Norwegian embassy in Beijing, the new Istanbul Airport, Noida International Airport, various large scale mixed use masterplans and a large new waterside development for a marine centre and aquarium in Oslo.

Tomas oversees Haptic’s R&D arm, Haptic Green, with a strong emphasis on finding the sustainable solutions of the future through teaching, research and innovation.

Tomas also led the design of the Regenerative Highrise in Oslo, a thought piece on the future of vertical urbanism, in collaboration with Ramboll, aiming to create a new and flexible high-rise typology. Tomas believes strongly in collaboration – International collaboration is key to Tomas’ approach, making people happy through good design.

Tomas Stokke