Tom Finnegan

Skyscraper Center Editorial Board

Chicago, United States


A Chicago native, Tom is a Network Planner at First Communications a leading technology solutions provider offering data networking, voice, and managed services in the United States.

Tom is a tall building enthusiast who spends his free time pursuing various endeavors related to skyscrapers and architecture.

From 2000 until 2010 Tom served as a Senior Editor at (aka Emporis) contributing photos and building data. He interviewed Adrian Smith (AS + SG) while Smith was at SOM. This interview was subsequently republished in Smith's book "The Architecture of Adrian Smith, SOM Toward a Sustainable Future" as well as the monthly Taiwan Architect magazine.

Tom provided information for Judith Dupré’s book "Skyscrapers A History of the World’s Most Extraordinary Buildings" and a photo of his of Commerzbank Zentrale in Frankfurt was published in Antonio Terranova’s similarly…

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Skyscraper Center Editorial Board (2015 – Present)