Thomas Jaehndel

Skyscraper Center Editorial Board

Shanghai, China


Thomas grew up in East Berlin where every school child was taught in school the height of the divided city’s most iconic tower: Der Fernsehturm - Berlin's TV Tower was 365 metres tall - one metre for each day of the year.

A visit to its viewing deck when Thomas was still a child sparked his interest in anything tall. Soon he would be compiling his own lists of tall buildings worldwide, searching all libraries and bookstores in the city for books with precious building data. As a teenager he travelled to the booming cities of the Far East and his fascination with the region, its culture and of course the booming skylines never abated until today.

In 1998 he moved permanently to Asia and has lived in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai, where he's currently based.

Over the years Thomas contributed countless pictures and data to (today known as Emporis) and…

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Skyscraper Center Editorial Board (2014 – Present)

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