Taylor Cabot

Timberlab, Senior Project Manager | Sacramento, United States


Taylor Cabot is a Senior Project Manager with Timberlab. She trained as an architect and transitioned into construction when a mission to build community-minded and resilient structures led her to embrace mass timber. After joining the timber movement in 2014, she quickly became involved in the some of the most innovative and boundary pushing mass timber projects in North America. Most notably, her work on Carbon12 in Portland, Oregon garnered her a Women of Vision award. With Timberlab, Cabot has continued to push the mass timber envelope managing Ascent, the tallest hybrid timber structure in the world and recently topping out on the first Type VI-C project in the US.

Cabot has over 14 years of project management experience in construction and 9 years working on large scale mass timber projects. A noted speaker, she has presented at numerous conferences on the benefits of mass timber and use of…

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Taylor Cabot