Swinal R Samant

NUS, Senior Lecturer | Singapore, Singapore


Swinal is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Architecture at the National University of Singapore (NUS). She obtained her Diploma in Architecture from India in 1992, her Master’s degree from University of Sheffield in 1998 and completed her Ph.D. at the Department of Architecture and Built Environment at the University of Nottingham (UoN) in 2011.

Swinal has a combined 20 years of built environment experience within the Education, Research and Consultancy sectors. She has a passion for sustainability, a rich and diverse practice experience in India and the UK, and considerable academic experience in the successful management and delivery of research and teaching with a special emphasis on sustainability in the context of global architectural and urban dimensions. At NUS, she currently co-ordinates Year Two design studio, supervises Masters dissertations and delivers the lecture series…

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Urban Habitat / Urban Design Committee, Member (2016 – Present)

Tall Building Academic & Teaching Committee, Member (2018 – Present)

Live-Streamed Conference, Singapore Steering Committee (Member 2020 – Present)

Regional Committee, Singapore (2018 – 2019)

Skybridges Research Project Steering Committee (2019)

Annual Conference, Presenter (China 2016; Australia 2017; Middle East 2018)


21 June 2019


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Cities in the Sky: Elevating Singapore's Urban Spaces

Swinal Samant, National University of Singapore

Singapore has seen a phenomenal and an unprecedented transformation from a swampland to a high density urban environment since its independence in 1965, made possible...


01 July 2018


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Exploring New Paradigms in High-Density Vertical Hybrids

Swinal Samant & Srilakshmi Menon, National University of Singapore

By the year 2050, the world population is set to increase to 9 billion people, of which 66% will be living in cities. It is...


08 August 2017


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A Tale of Two Singapore Sky Gardens

Swinal Samant & Na Hsi-En, National University of Singapore

This paper examines the effectiveness of the design strategies used in two HDB developments for encouraging active usage and social interaction. The study was conducted...