Sukriye (Rae) Robinson

United Kingdom Chapter Board Member

SOM, Associate Architect | London, United Kingdom


Sukriye (Rae) Robinson, Associate Design Architect at SOM, 7 years in real estate.

As a designer, my role primarily focuses on creating sustainable, low carbon building solutions. These projects aim to rethink our cities and how the buildings of the future should respond to the changing needs of the people that occupy them. As a part of my work at SOM, I am helping to lead the studio’s efforts to decarbonising and de-chemicalising our material specifications globally. I am involved in both university and wider industry outreach, and internally lead research modules that aim to rethink how we approach building design.

SOM is known for skyline-defining feats of architecture and engineering. For decades, SOM’s design teams have dedicated themselves to pushing the boundaries of technical innovation, using design and engineering to reimagine what’s possible, always with an eye towards the…

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Sukriye (Rae) Robinson


United Kingdom Chapter, Board Member (2023 – Present)