Steven Ware

ArtBuild, Architect, Partner | Paris, France


Born in London and raised in Jamaica, Steven studied biology at Western University and architecture at the Architectural Association. As a partner with ArtBuild architects, he steers the development and application of bio-adaptive design principles, seeking new ways to fuse ethics and aesthetics. With decades of design awards behind them, the Europe-based practice features an internal Lab whose teams work with biologists, academics, industrialists and research groups to develop biomimetic concepts which can be transferred to mainstream construction practice. Early mass timber adopters, ArtBuild have delivered several benchmark projects and continue to push boundaries across Europe and even North Africa. Steven lectures widely on subjects that bridge biology and the built environment, exploring the very nature of intelligence informing architects and the building sector at large


23 May 2022

Opalia, Paris: Using Steel to Rigidify the Façade & Optimize HVAC Penetrations

This eight-story office building uses steel, alongside timber, to optimize façade rigidity and help resolve HVAC/structure collisions, as well as provide a platform for integrated...


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