Steven Henry

CTBUH, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives | Portland, United States


Steven Henry is the Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives for the CTBUH, providing oversight of the development of new initiatives, and the improvement of existing programs, in support of the Council’s continued growth as a global industry leader.

Steven joined the CTBUH in May 2008, where he was responsible for overseeing much of the Council’s published outputs. He was named CTBUH Associate Director in 2014 where he oversaw multiple projects and initiatives for the Council, including a significant involvement in the planning and steering of the CTBUH Awards Program and annual conferences.

Steven graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a keen interest in skyscrapers.


Annual Conference, Presenter (China 2016)


26 October 2015

2015 New York Conference - Session 3c - Q&A

Michael George, JLL; Timothy Johnson, NBBJ; and Rosemary Kennedy, Queensland University of Technology, answer questions at the end of 2015 New York Conference Session 3c:...


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